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Birdie Mirror.. An eye from the sky
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Birdie Smart Mirror

Ensure the safety of your vehicle and family on the road anytime, anywhere

Birdie DVR

Crash Recording

In case of severe care crashes, Birdie Dash Cam will automatically record and save a video of the accident.

Night Vision

Because security always matters, we featured Night vision with Birdie DVR  providing you with a clear picture even in the dark.

Birdie Mirror

A smart mirror that keeps your eye on your children and your car on the road!

Front and Interior Cameras

Birdie smart mirror is equipped with HD front and interior cameras, enabling you to see clearly inside and outside the car, ensuring the safety of your car and your family and guaranteeing your peace of mind on them on the road, moment by moment.

Talk to the Passengers

Not only can you hear what is going on inside your car, but you can also talk to the driver and passengers through voice communication.

GPS Device

A tracking device for all your car destinations! 

Detailed Car Trip Report

A detailed report of the trip details will be sent to your mobile device, including the route map, start and end times, time taken, and vehicle speed.

Stopping the Vehicle

If you notice that your car is at an unknown location, the driver is using it for personal purposes or is exceeding the speed limit, you will be able to immediately stop the vehicle with a click from Birdie app.

Express Delivery

Fast delivery to all Gulf countries and all around the world

Flexible Return Policy

The customer can return the product within 3 days from the date of purchase

Secure Payment

Visa - MasterCard - Tabby - Paypal - Apple Pay - Cash on Delivery

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