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Our Story:

Back in 2015, Birdie was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and since then, we have been dedicated to providing exceptional tracking services, through an effortless mobile application, the best customer care experience and top-notch devices, including Birdie’s smart car tracking mirror, GPS tracker, and security system. to guarantee you accurate live tracking and seamless communication with your loved ones, since at Birdie, we believe that every ride of your vehicle is more than just a ride.

Our Vision:

Since day one, our goal has been to create a safe environment for the entire family, and to shorten the distances between its members wherever they are. That is why we work day and night to make Birdie the number-one go-to whenever vehicle tracking is mentioned.

Our Mission:

The secret behind Birdie’s success is a passionate team that works consistently and coherently on exploiting the latest technologies in the market, to provide a wide range of devices that guarantee your family and your vehicles ultimate levels of safety through up-to-date tracking solutions.

Our Values:


 We respect your needs and feelings as a parent in the first place, and as a vehicle owner in the second place, that is why we work hard on providing a product that respects your mind and heart. 


We believe in the power of trust, and it was the reason behind our creation of a product that helps build more trust between you and your vehicle driver, and is also the reason we work on gaining your trust in every detail of our service.


Just like we made it easy for you to communicate with your car driver and your kids at ease, we promise you the same ease when communicating with us at any time and for whatever reason. 


We appreciate the value of privacy, you can see it in how our products work, and in how we work as well.