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Return Policy:

-Customer can return the product within 3 days from the date of purchase.

-The product must be in its original purchased condition.

-The customer service team communicates with the customer to set a date for returning the product with all its accessories, gifts and the original purchase invoice.

-The return is free of charge without any financial consideration.

-The customer’s bank account number must be provided at the time of product delivery.

-The product is inspected by the company’s technical department within 3 working days to submit the technical report.

-After confirming that the product is in its original condition, the value of the product is transferred to the bank account within two working days.

Replacement and Maintenance Policy:

-In case that the device needs maintenance, the necessary maintenance will be done within a period of 3 working days in the delegate areas and 7 days in the shipping areas.

-In case of a recurrence of the failure after maintenance, or the presence of any manufacturing defect, damage to the product during the warranty period, the customer can replace it free of charge without any financial consideration.

-The customer can replace the product after the expiry of the warranty period, but for a fee.

Terms of Return and Exchange:

-We do not accept returns or exchanges for products that have scratches or were damaged due to misuse.

-In case of wire damage, this is considered misuse and is not covered by the warranty.